Artistic Statement


I was lucky enough to cross and live in multiple cultures, societies and professional environments between Tunisia were I was born, France where I studied and Canada where I live now. This path allowed me to live a transformational identity, and question the perception gaps and the foundation of oneness and existence. My art practice is interdisciplinary. It uses what comes to it to achieve a research, face a question, encounter what is here. To receive the present. It is at the intersection of performance art, site specific action, installation, writing, drawing, movement, relational esthetic, participatory projects. Being in relation/in relationship to, attentive, present, is the foundation of my work. The relationship between oneself and an other offers a field of presence, of conciousness, that facilitates such transmissions. As such, I am interested in the way relationships reflect our perception of the world while offering opportunities for transformation. Influenced by a scientific background, my work examines links between art, philosophy and science. Through the performance, installation and action pieces, I offer experiences that question the subjectivity of each one perception. How can everyone create its own world by his own way of seeing, perceiving, experiencing reality?