Daily Fruits

How does everyone enjoy life?     What brings us together, what differentiates us, in what we appreciate in everyday life? Is it related to an economic, social, environmental, personal condition? Is there a space for appreciating the present, the everyday life, which gathers, connects, unites, all those who are there? This participative work in […] More

What is the bottom of the Question?

  The 99 existential questions carved in wood were asked by young people from France (Lycée Jacques Amyot, Auxerre) and Quebec (Cegep Lionel-Groulx, Sainte-Thérèse).   Inspired by a diary written between 10 and 19 years old, this work is a tribute to the questions asked by children. Young, with fresh eyes, we ask ourselves lucid […] More

Normal ?

What is normal for me here? What is normal for me in an unknown land? What is normal for me in my homeland? This work is articulated in a list of proposals drawn from the ordinary of an every day life across 3 continents, the one where I live, the one where I travel as […] More

‘I’ is a piece of art

This work refers to the creativity power of each one.   A black cube is installed in a public space, near by the gallery, at ‘Taht-el-Kale’ neighbourhood in Nicosia, Cyprus, greek side of the city. ‘Taht-el-Kale’ comes from the arabic, and means : under the fortifications. For 3 days, the black cube is a questioning […] More

49 secondes 2017

The art practice is a practice of abandonment, of letting go. It is a practice of risk. The risk of a void. The risk of not knowing and letting come. Video: duration 49 secondes

Questions on life

In an encounter, there is transmission, exchange. How to honor an encounter? What is transmitted beyond language? Through a silent presence? What reveals the silence of discovery just before the speech ?   These are questions I am asking myelf before meeting Ana Matey, Isabel Leon (Espagne) and Olivier Fokoua (Cameroun/Canada) performers artists gathered with […] More

Maintenant c’est bien – Now is Fine

In 2014, for a month, I realize an artist residency in Hammamet, Tunisia. It is lived as a retreat. In the morning I draw. The features are talkative. In the evening, in silence in front of the sea, I note in an ‘outboard’ diary what remains of the day. Back in Canada, because of the […] More

The extent of Who I Am

Summer 2017, I stay on the roof of a house, with a direct view on a beach of Tunisia. Every morning, a new life is offered to my sight. I attend the fascinating spectacle of a society on the water’s edge that wakes up, unfolds, vibrates on its own rythm. Like the Mediterranean people who […] More

Closer to heaven

Living an artist residency by the sea in Tunisia, the political climate in the country and the world is unstable. I look at people differently