Black Box

The Black Box, more than a dark space, refers to a quantum physics principal, known as the ‘Shrödinger paradox’ or the superposition of states principle. It is about an experience where a cat is put in a black box. Inside is installed a system that might deliver a poison if activated by the animal. Everything is possible since the situation hasn’t been observed in the black box. What the cat is doing ? What happened to him ? What are our expectations ? Our fears ? Our intents ? What are we projecting ? How are we sculpting the space by our imagination ?

At Visualeyez Festival (Edmonton, 2014) I was invited with a project where I was suggesting to not knowing and letting it come. At the first sight in the gallery (at Latitude53), when disassembling a past show to make space to the performances, I was attracted by a black space dedicated to a past video projection. We kept it. And I performed there with a white chalk. The second performance began exactly at the same point than the first one, and it unfolded differently. The Black Box title occured to me after experiencing the space with the audience, making the relationship with a quantum physic principle. In Italy (Torino Performance Art, 2014), a piano in the space was the inspiring piece for the performance. Inhabiting the space with the sound (chalk tapping on the wall, voice sound, singing, piano sound), and making spectators participate at a certain point are the common elements of this performance serie.