‘I’ is a piece of art

This work refers to the creativity power of each one.


A black cube is installed in a public space, near by the gallery, at ‘Taht-el-Kale’ neighbourhood in Nicosia, Cyprus, greek side of the city. ‘Taht-el-Kale’ comes from the arabic, and means : under the fortifications. For 3 days, the black cube is a questioning subject for the neighbours.


I am inside the black space, at a temperature above 37°C. There is with me white chalks, a drill, and candels. Visitors are invited to come inside, or not, one person at a time. Each one knocks at the door. It opens. The experience inside is always different.


The ‘I’ of the title refers to everyOne individuality. In french ‘I’ is said ‘Je’. and ‘Je’ is phonetically similar to ‘Jeu’ that means ‘Play’. Is To Play a piece of art? It is also about that inside. The work is about making space and giving space for what is here. Inside. Inside Oneself. To be fully expressed. Into a hidden space. What might be expressed into an intimate field ? When it’s unseen by others, but witnessed by one ? What might be imagined ? How is it perceived ? Experienced by each one ? In Quantum Physics, it is said that as long as something isn’t observed, in a black box, everything is possible. This principle is also known as the Shrodinger Paradox.


This work offers a space to encounter our own perception, our expression of our own reality.


“‘I’ is a piece of art” was presented at Tactile Bodies, art performance event organised by Sensorium Space in Cyprus in June 2017.