The extent of Who I Am

Summer 2017, I stay on the roof of a house, with a direct view on a beach of Tunisia. Every morning, a new life is offered to my sight. I attend the fascinating spectacle of a society on the water’s edge that wakes up, unfolds, vibrates on its own rythm. Like the Mediterranean people who spend hours watching the spectacle of life in front of their homes, I watch, I film.

The space of deployment of the world on the beach appears to me like a dance, a subtle and authentic choreography of the living on the edge of infinity. In moments of abandonment, I see the reflection of who I am, in all my states.

A series of videos of varying duration emerged from this residence: 4, 10, 20, 30 to 70 – 90 minutes. These videos meet their full effect in large format, 5 to 10 meters wide.


Video excerpt

Duration: 3′:03”