Normal ?

What is normal for me here? What is normal for me in an unknown land? What is normal for me in my homeland? This work is articulated in a list of proposals drawn from the ordinary of an every day life across 3 continents, the one where I live, the one where I travel as a tourist, the one where I was born. October 2015 I start a list in Quebec about what appears normal sometimes to my mind, sometimes to my heart, sometimes to my consciousness. It travels and transforms with me in Mexico, Ecuador and Tunisia.



What is normal elsewhere is it normal here? What contrasts reveals life according to various systems of references? Is the ordinary in the one is ostentatious in the other?


Extracts from the list:

Normal to love each other

Normal to be nobody

Normal to believe being someone

Normal that a sock disappears

Normal to take beliefs for truths

Normal to meet the pain as it is

Normal cut flowers suspended in water

Normal to live without insurance

Normal to call a phone ‘smart’

Normal to treat the world as one treats oneself

Normal to talk all at the same time

Normal to savor

Normal that Nothing is normal

Normal to fart in public

Normal that everything is normal

Normal that love is everywhere

Normal to live in a dream

Normal to be present

Normal to feel authentic

Normal to be at peace