I am invited to a festival (Visualeyez, Edmonton, 2014) with a project on movement, where I was suggesting to be present without knowing, and letting it come. Let the circumstances command the performance substance. As life, flowing in an infinite movement.

On a black wall, with a white chalk, I trace dots. A dot appears from nothing in a glimpse. Like life. Like the present. The sound pulses in the space. A vibrant rhythm. Like music. I offer the possibility to the audience to experience the ‘dot’ process. Constellations of points are traced by people. It looks like galaxies. Spectator subjective view is passed into action. By their action, a universe is born.


At another performance (LEGS, Montréal, 2015), I use stones. The experience is focused on sound. The audience members become the musicians. I am the stone supplier. I dance on the music they create in the space. ‘If we can’t choose the music, we can at least chose how to dance’ wrote Jack Kornfield. The gallery is gradually synchronized by the sound people are offering. Everybody’s connected.