Questions on life

In an encounter, there is transmission, exchange. How to honor an encounter? What is transmitted beyond language? Through a silent presence? What reveals the silence of discovery just before the speech ?


These are questions I am asking myelf before meeting Ana Matey, Isabel Leon (Espagne) and Olivier Fokoua (Cameroun/Canada) performers artists gathered with me in the Charco Exchange project,  2016 in Canada.


“I feel like listening to her telling me something very personal in her mother language. What  intimacy could be revealed? The most intimate is natural. Universal.


Why art is important to him / her?

Why does she live?

What is her biggest dream?

What does she want to offer to humanity?

What does she find difficult in life?

What is it that confronts her most in herlself?

When she wants to leave, to die?

What does she want to achieve in life before leaving?

What would she like to say to the whole world?”


These questions are randomly picked up by each artist during one-on-one meetings in the park.


Vidéo: duration 13’31”

With the support of Rats9 and Dare-Dare in Montreal and FADO Performance Art Center and Vidéograph in Toronto.