The Wall of Good News

2012, the end of the world?


We’re going through major transformations in this decade. How do we translate these profound economic, social and environmental upheavals into our daily experience of living? How do I respond to the onslaught of information coming at me via a culture of alarmist media? Is it a question of interpretation, a biased view?


Between summer 2011 and winter 2012 I collect all the good news that people at the bakery, at the café, in the street, and in the shops share with me. Life is hard but good things are often still happening for each one of us.


A wall of good news is then exhibited in a gallery (galerie Articule). Next, the wall migrates toward a more subtle space on Facebook. In a participatory action, I ask people to share one joyful instance, whether simple or enormous, on Facebook.