What I Loved Before Turning 40

Since 2009, I have been carrying out projects about what I love, thus creating a series of lists that compile what are the driving forces in my life.


The entering into a new decade is often accompanied by a need to take stock. The weight of what has been accomplished, of what has been understood often opens up the way  for what is to come. At the threshold of my 40s, as a kind of rite of passage, I make a list of what I love. For an entire year, according to a specific methodology, I make a daily note of what I appreciated during the first 40 years of my life.


The result of this process is offered in a performance and installation.


In the folds of a large crumpled sheet, I write each item from my list. The performance begins with the paper object in my arms, as if holding a large bouquet of flowers. Following a series of actions in relation with the object, the paper begins to unfold. I ask for the audience to help me to install the paper onto the wall.


The experience of collecting what I love before turning 40 transforms my outlook on life stories. From this I create 2 new pieces : “What I Have Loved” and “I Love…and You?”